Production Time


Production time for :

  1. Sample : 3 weeks for each bag
  2. Order from AS Java website catalog (without any modification) : 4-5 working days depend on the style & material availability
  3. Order from AS Java website catalog with modification (such as size adjusments, pocket adding, etc) : 5-7 working days


Production capacity for :

  1. Snake skin bags - 200 pieces per/month
  2. Snake skin wallets - 300 pieces per/month
  3. Cow leather bags - 100 pieces per/month
  4. Cow leather wallet/clucth - 150 pieces per/month

In case you plans to order in larger quantity, please contact us for possibble options. Adding extra workfoce is possible whenever necessary.



Longer production time may occur for larger order quantity . We will notify you for any shorter or longer production span.

The production will start when the downpayment has been cleared in our bank account.